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You will be picked up at your accommodation and drive Southern along the Venice Lagoon Valleys, where flora and fauna participate in a delicate ecosystem composed of canals, marshes, lagoons, reed thickets and sand banks. Here and there we find examples of the casoni, the typical houses with their great chimneys, reference points for the fishermen and custodians of the valleys.

Among the area’s fauna there are hundreds of species of birds, both stationary and migratory, such as geese, duck, marsh falcon, snipe and heron. The wide range of flora also exercises its charm over the visitor, with its brightly-coloured flowers, reeds, and popular, larch and pine forests.

 The first stop will be at  “Casone delle Sacche” and “Casoni della Fogolana” in the Millecampi Valley, a lagoon wetland of 1,600 hectares. Discover the area by a kayak tour with your guide  and be amazed by the sense of calm and serenity this countryside landscape can instill. Enjoy a typical “merenda” , light lunch composed of local products or prepare your own meal with the local chef among the peace of the lagoon. 
Get to Chioggia, also called ‘little Venice’ because of the many “canals” crossing the city centre. Its main channel, the Canal Vena, overlooked  by ancient palaces and churches, is crossed by 9 bridges; the most important is Vigo Bridge. Chioggia is also famous for its fishing boats or 'bragozzi' as well as the fine restaurants which cook the freshest of seafood platters. End of the excursion in a local bar, sipping a glass of wine and tasting ‘cicchetti’, the typical Venetian tapas.

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