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Enjoy one slow day out from the city bustle, take the time to enjoy the peace of the Venitian countryside, meet local people in the small towns, discover hidden corners , visit the inside of an ancient private villa, have your lunch with local products, ride the e-bike to the old farmers’ huts “casoni” .

 The SACCISICA  is a flat, low-lying area between  the city of Padua and the Lagoon of Venice.  Beloved by aristocratic Venetians, who had their country homes built there, the SACCISICA was one of the Padova counties that also provided an inexhaustible source of wheat to Venice Republic. 
The name comes from the main town Piove di Sacco, which served as an important outpost of the Carraresi  noble family in their war against the “Serenissima” Republic of Venice   for the control of the area between Padova and Venice.

You will be picked up at your accommodation and drive Southern, along the Venice Lagoon Valleys,  natural oasis rich of local vegetation and animals otherwise extinct.

Your first stop in the Saccisica area will be at the ‘Casone Rosso’ (Red Hut), which owes its name to the color of its exterior walls (red).  The “Veneto casone” is a small house with thatched roof used until the 50’s by the local farmers, built with materials supplied by nature, such us clay, reeds and wood. Nowadays only 3 casoni are still preserved in the entire area. From there, reach Piove di Sacco, a charming small porticoed ‘borgo’ dated back to the Middle Age.

Don’t miss to take a picture of its stunning Belltower! Then, move to a farmhouse where you will enjoy a lunch with delicious local food, such as “polenta” (sort of local bread made of corn flour), “sopressa” (local salami) and “baccalà” (dried cod). In the afternoon continue to Villa Roberti, a sumptuous private ancient country villa still preserving its original architectural structure designed in the XVI century with nice frescoes.  End your day with a glass of wine and a bite of mozzarella cheese produced by  a local farmer

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