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Carrara Marble Experience - In the footsteps of Michelangelo - 26/10/2018

Don't miss this underground experience, possible even in working hours, and learn about the history of quarry, the geological formation of marble and the machinery nowadays employed to work it. You will be inside the mountain where Michelangelo selected the blocks for some of his masterpieces, the Statues of Pietà and Mosè. A tasting of typical local specialties will be served right inside the cave: crostini with Colonnata lard, typical pork fat aged in basins made of marble, and a glass of local wine... Yummy! The tour can be completed with the visit of Cava Museo Fantiscritti, an opensky museum full of history, photos, ancient sample tools and all kind of antiques employed by Romans, by Michelangelo and by 1900's quarry workers. You can even participate to a private workshop and be a sculptor for a couple of hours, trying  professional tools on a piece of marble.

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